Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ohhh my aching feet!

This painting was my contribution to the DSFDF challenge several weeks ago. Although I enjoyed doing the painting, I wasn't thinking of posting it until now. I am at least a week behind on my painting because of an attack of "plantar fasciitis". An evil foot problem if there ever was one. So a pair of shoes seemed appropriate. I am hoping to resume painting soon. If I don't keep it up on a daily basis, it's amazing how quickly I get rusty. Sitting down to paint makes it hard to step back and squint but I may have to try any event, I hope to be painting my heart out soon. I have used the down time to order supplies and do research on the computer. But there's nothing as satisifying as the feeling of dipping my brush in a puddle of my favorite color of paint and pushing it across the canvas!


  1. I am glad you did post it. I've had plantar fasciitis and it a PAIN! Foot ailments are such a challenge to heal. I be thinking of ya.

  2. Your work is absolutely beautiful, l love everything about your painting style. I also fell victim to plantar fasciitis, and after 16 months finally had the surgery...I'm a changed person now!

  3. Your paintings are beautiful! I love the strokes, and the colours you use.